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Had to play this immediately after playing "From Ivan"

Exceptional writing and the story just drags you in, i had a fantastic time playing this, i hope you keep making more games like this.

They are amazing 

Awesome design!


it surprised me how much I really loved this game, it's beautiful and so much fun!

is there a way to make the birds fly?

Yes, you can get the birds to fly! They will only fly at the very end of the game, and only if you make certain choices in the personality quizzes. Try making choices that express your independence / individuality, and also your idealism.


Congrats, you got GrayStillPlays to play your game rofl

Is there any way to save the birds? I got so attached to them XD. I loved the flying sequences, and I personally think those birds did a great job flying.

Yes, there is a way to save the birds. There’s actually two! Try choosing options in the personality quizzes that express your independence and individuality, as opposed to your ability to be a team player. (For the best ending, also try to be more idealistic than practical!)

Thank you for this very fun & smart game !

Thanks for streaming!

Genuinely made me laugh and cry. The birds were so funny, and the dad jokes groany. The dialog made me appreciate my decisions in the quizzes when those references would come up. Really awesome job, Sean et al!

Thanks so much for playing and commenting! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)

Played both this and From Ivan. I liked Cosmonaut better because of the birds but I enjoyed both. They are  great, so funny and weird but managing to hit on some sadder and more serious notes too. And I love the dad. This dad is best dad.

I love the dad, too. Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed the games. :)

Had to play this after playing From Ivan, loved both your games. Hoping you have more up your sleeve. 

Sarah x

Marvelous! So glad you liked them! We definitely do. Our next project is not going to be explicitly related to Cosmonet and From Ivan, but hopefully you will find it just as weird and fun. :)

Look forward to it :-)

This game ended too soon! I really enjoyed it and it needs to be longer!  Thank you for the hard work you put into this!

Thanks so much! We really like this little game and definitely want to do more with it - although the next thing might be a new game that uses a similar system. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for making the video!

I'll be looking forward to playing it!