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I've played through one ending of the game, and I love it. Hilarious, heart-warming, and spot on. Definitely a process-of-elimination kind of game to experience.

Oh gosh this is such a sad game 

I played your other game too, keep it up!

A great choose your own adventure game. Loved playing it. great work guys!

I liked this quite a bit! Very cute.  Wished we could get to know the players more, but that's about it.

Here is my playthrough!

I love playing this game. It made me realize how each greeting card can impact on how it goes in the end from the recipient being thankful  to yelling at you for being insensitive. Also, you have to make some pretty tough choices in the latter of the game. 

You guys did amazing on this!! Absolutely love it!! Great job!!

Hey! I really enjoyed your game! One of my favorite aspects was the fact that it was based in Russia (I'm Russian). The game was increadibly done and is very fun to play. it is very easy to get into and the journy is worth it! Thank you for making it and i can't wait for more!

Made a video

From Ivan is a game about cards. Cards for people who need them. Everything from "congrats on your meteor shower" to "Sorry for your loss". Will we get the girl? Will we keep our job?

i Had no idea what i was playing i went in blind i didnt even look at the tralier.

First off, I absolutely adored this game. It was slightly confusing at first, but I quickly became acustomed to the ways of this (futuristic?) world. I got really attached to the characters even though it was a half hour experience. The style is fantastic and the sounds (and furthermore soundtrack) were fabulous. 

Looking forward to more content from you guys.

Whoa this was really good. For a 30min game I really wasn't expecting to have so many favorite moments! Definitely going to play through it again soon!

really fun!

Hi there :) This is a great game, however I think I came across a bug. When I picked the Stay Strong card for the colleague in an accident, the response from his wife suggested I picked the bee-themed one. Just thought you might want to check that out, and otherwise I'm loving the game so far! 


Thank you so much! I'm investigating this bug right now and will let you know when it's fixed.

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Found it! There was a typo in the script. So sorry about that, but thank you for pointing it out! The files have been fixed so if you download the game again, it should work this time.

Really appreciate your kind words about the game, too!

Glad I could be of assistance, and no need to apologise, these things happen! I'll be sure to give the game another go, as it was really enjoyable the first time around :)

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