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Wow, it's been quite a week! As many of you know, From Ivan got some attention from the wider gaming community when it was featured in a video by YouTube star jacksepticeye and an article by Gita  Jackson on Kotaku. Jack played through about half the game and performed a hilarious Russian accent, and Gita said wonderfully sweet things about cheesy greeting cards. So big thank yous to the two of them, and to everyone else who has helped to spread the word about the game. And welcome to all the new faces who found us this week; we're delighted to have you and hope you enjoy the stuff we're making!

Martzi and I haven't officially announced this yet, so let me do it now: Cosmonet and From Ivan will both be featured at the IndieCade Showcase on the expo floor at E3! We are building a small installation to house the games, so you'll be able to play Cosmonet from Lena's shuttle and From Ivan from Ivan's cubicle. We're really excited about the build-out, and about the opportunity to share these little games with some more folks at E3. If you're at the expo, please come by and say hello!

In the meantime, I've just uploaded a new version of both the Windows and OSX builds of From Ivan. There's no new content, but the new version fixes a handful of typos (including the embarrassing "caockatoo" that ended up in the header of the Kotaku article) so if you haven't gotten around to playing the game yet, make sure you download the latest.

One more announcement before I sign off: there are more games coming! Martzi and I have already started planning our summer project, which will go into production after E3, and lining things up for the fall. Our next games may or may not be direct extensions of the Cosmonet games (we're still sorting out a lot of details, and we will be working with some new collaborators), but I promise that they will be strange and wonderful, and I hope that you will love them as much as we will.

If you want to check out the Kotaku article, you will find it here: And if you want to watch jacksepticeye's playthrough, you'll find it below. 


From Ivan (Win).zip 133 MB
Jun 09, 2018
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Jun 09, 2018

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